The Swiss International Club (SIC) - become a part of this exclusive community!

Whether Swiss or expat, new arrival or have been in Switzerland for a long time - at SIC you are welcome!

Our members are people from many nations and different origins.
What we have in common is that we are interested in other people, that we respect "being different" and that we promote good contacts in our personal and professional environment . The SIC is not a closed association. We look for the new: new people, new knowledge, new experiences.
If you come from business, science, politics, administration or culture, we would like to get to know you.

The members and guests of the SIC meet regularly and several times a year for exciting and partly also exclusive events, which give us insights into the Swiss industry, science and institutions. These events are also an ideal platform for personal and professional "Networking".

Your advantages:

  • You get to know Interesting people
  • You expand your personal and professional Network
  • You become part of a maintained and open Association
  • You have access to special, very often exclusive events.

Did we spark your interest?
Write us or send us an e-mail (address, see below). We will be happy to send you more information about the Swiss International Club (SIC).



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