We want Switzerland to show itself at its best - warm, interesting and enjoyable

No matter whether you come from Switzerland and are interested in our offers and members or whether you are just discovering Switzerland for yourself: SIC welcomes you! We offer you a framework to get to know not only this beautiful country with its many special places, but also sophisticated, open-minded and worldly people.

Our offers aim at:

  • Networking and exchange between guests, members and hosts of our events
  • Learning and experiencing by visiting interesting and little known places, exciting event topics and informative lectures
  • Expansion of business relations at home and abroad by establishing personal contacts with other members and their networks
  • Enjoyment of culture, culinary delights and nature through excursions, aperitifs and events, including with the whole family
  • Help for immigrants, expats and their relatives to really arrive in Switzerland and to find a new home, new friends and a new social environment as far as possible
  • Supporting companies by offering new employees an opportunity to "arrive" in Switzerland socially

We rely on the cooperation and commitment of our members , but also on sponsors and company memberships , who enable us with their contributions a rich and varied offer on a high level. Sponsorings and company memberships offer at the same time the chance to present themselves to our participants in a very positive context.